#Hashtag: KC Royals await the results of tonight’s wildcard game


Tonight is the official start of the Major League Baseball 2015 playoffs. Tonight the “evil empire” New York Yankees face off against the “wait, you’re here?” Houston Astros for the great honor of moving on to Kansas City in the next round.

On the other side of the American League bracket is Josh Donaldson and the Toronto Blue Jays squaring off against Adrian Beltre, his untouchable head, and the Texas Rangers.

For Royals fans, these playoffs, unlike their incredible run last year, have the burden of expectations. Instead of sneaking into the wild card game and shocking the world to the World Series, they are taking the path of division winners, and with the best record in the American League.

Yordano Ventura will start game one of the Royal’s series against the winner of tonight’s Yankees-Astros matchup.

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