#Hashtag: Columbus Day


Today is Columbus Day. This means that some kids get today off school and some people revel in the historical development of our country. However, Columbus Day may not be a holiday for much longer.

According to an article in the New York Daily News, titled “Several cities around the U.S. will celebrate Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day,” many cities are now preferring to celebrate something called Indigenous People’s Day as opposed to Columbus Day. This new sensation has cause many people to share their feelings about the change via Twitter.

Some agree with the change because of the kind of person Columbus was.

Others feel, however, that the day is not worth changing or being upset about.

The argument for Indigenous People’s Day is that due to previous mistreatment of Indigenous American People’s, they should be commemorated, instead of the man who enslaved others.

Overall, with many cities already banning Columbus Day, only time will tell what will become of the government holiday.

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