From the president’s desk

Student Governing Association's Andy Hurtig, president, and Joe Tinker, vice president. (File Photo by Evert Nelson | The Collegian)

Fellow K-Staters,

Hope you all had a great weekend. Despite the heartbreaking loss to the second-ranked TCU, it was incredibly encouraging to see the amazing turnout at the Bill on Saturday. Let’s aim to fill the Bill once more this weekend as the Cats take on the Oklahoma Sooners.

Student senate will vote on legislation to decrease current SGA allocations to K-State Athletics this Thursday. The move is the product of extensive conversations and collaboration between John Currie and the SGA. We hope to negotiate a deal that works favorably for both entities moving forward.

Next week is International Open Access Week, an annual celebration of unrestricted access to information that is not only a component of the educational process, but also has the power to transform the way research and scientific inquiry are conducted. K-State Libraries will be hosting a series of events throughout the week in celebration of Open Access Week and also keep an eye out for the new Open Textbook Initiative video that we have been working on in coordination with the Division of Marketing and Communications.

Thank you to everyone who attended the K-State Innovation and Inspiration events this weekend. Joe and I were humbled to see the overwhelming enthusiasm of everyone involved as we move closer to our goal of $1 billion in funds raised towards the K-State 2025 plan initiatives.

Lastly, I would encourage all members of the K-State family to take a moment and reflect as K-State celebrates its 100th Homecoming this week. As members of the family, we are truly fortunate to be able to share a landmark occasion such as a centennial together. Joe and I are grateful to everyone organizing and participating in the various events. A full list of scheduled events can be found at

As usual, we look forward to your questions, comments and concerns via email at or via Twitter at @KStateSBP_SBVP. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and Go ‘Cats,

Andy Hurtig, student body president

Joe Tinker, student body vice president