Non-greek students getting more involved in Homecoming Week

Jackson Kelley, senior in animal sciences from Goodnow Hall, and Hannah Fowles, sophomore in relational communications from Van Zile Hall, pass a mint using a toothpick during the Crazy Cat Kickoff at Memorial Stadium on Oct. 11, 2015. (Miranda Snyder | The Collegian)

K-State started its Homecoming tradition in 1915, and this year marks its 100-year celebration.

“Homecoming is an event that crosses many boundaries and has brought together the Wildcat community for 100 years,” Amy Button Renz, President and CEO of the Alumni Association, said. “This celebration brings alumni, friends of the university and students together.”

During the week, greek students have many traditions and activities to attend and participate in; however, non-greek students can also be a part of these activities.

Events in which non-greek students can participate include the Homecoming Philanthropy 5K Run-Walk, Paint the ‘Ville, the Children’s Carnival, involvement with the making of spirit signs, float building and the annual Homecoming Parade. Many students don’t realize they can participate in Homecoming Week events, even if they’re not involved in the greek community.

According to DeAndre Johnson, senior in social sciences, many non-greek students just leave the Homecoming activities up to greek students because they are already involved with the week.

“If you’re a non-greek, off-campus student, a lot of times it’s easy to feel somewhat segregated in a sense when it comes to certain events and weeks like Homecoming,” Johnson said.

When it comes to residence halls, though, some non-greek, dorm-life students do get involved in Homecoming Week.

According to Marlatt Hall Governing Board Vice President Mallory Wilhite, sophomore in family studies and human services and gerontology, the halls pair up to get involved with this year’s “Century Through the Ages” theme by each representing a different decade to present at every event throughout the week. They also created their own event called the Crazy Cat Kickoff.

“Only the residence halls participate in the Crazy Cat Kickoff where we go to the Old Stadium,” Wilhite said. “Each hall pairing competes against each other by playing games such as K-State trivia to gain points against the other halls, and even just participating in the event gets points which lead to prizes for each hall.”

They also place sign-up sheets at the front desk of every residence hall listing the activities available during the week so that students can not only go to the events, but they can go together with their fellow residents.

Homecoming Week is for more than just the greek-life community. Whether you’re an alum, greek or non-greek student, or a local resident, Homecoming Week is open to everyone.