#Hashtag: #BoycottStarWarsEpisodeVII takes Twitter from zero to stupid in less than 12 parsecs


On Sunday, the poster for Star Wars: Episode XII: The Force Awakens, the newest movie in the Star Wars saga, was released on the Internet.

While most of the Internet geeked out at the sight of all the characters, (some old, some new) plastered on the page in the same Star Wars poster style thats been used for all of the movies, something disturbed a very small population.

Yup, the menist and racist population on the internet are up in arms because two of the main leads, Daisy Ridley and Jon Boyega, are a woman and a black man.

And, while some of the tweets have been filled with just random weird hate…

others are much more offensive and inflammatory.

But the good news is, the “Sith” side of Twitter is always outnumber by good Twitter “Jedi” always looking to poke fun at the stupidest and most ridiculous parts of human society.


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