Tuesday News Briefs


Civics, government teachers offered professional development program

K-State’s Center for Social Studies is offering to provide Kansas civics and government teachers a free professional development program, according to K-State Today. This program is for teachers who would like to achieve an “exemplary curricular program for their students.”

Part of a national professional development program led by the Center for Civic Education, the James Madison Legacy Project was created to give professional development to civics and government middle school and high school instructors.

“In order to help students become effective and engaged members of ‘We the People’ and further the goal of a nation that is supposed to be of, by and for the people, it is critical that teachers have access to the people, strategies and resources that will help them bring the subject to life each and every day for their students,” said Thomas Vontz, professor and director of the Center for Social Studies and “We the People” state co-coordinator.

The James Madison Legacy Project utilizes a model for professional development that includes online assets. Many of these online tools were engineered by the center and will reportedly be used by teachers to develop teaching methods and academic content, which will help students “develop the capacity and inclination to become competent and responsible participants in the civic life of their communities and the nation.”

Sunset Zoo reaccredited by national association

Manhattan’s Sunset Zoo was reaccredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in the Nature Exploration Center of the zoo Thursday.

Sunset Zoo was reviewed on its ability to match advancing standards both in the present and future. These standards include animal care, veterinary programs, conservation, education and safety, according to KMAN. In order to maintain membership with the association, it is required by AZA that affiliated zoos and aquariums complete the accreditation process every five years.

Sunset Zoo is one of seven zoos and aquariums in Kansas accredited by the AZA, and it has remained a member of the association since 1989.

University support staff to hold open forum with president, vice presidents

There will be a University Support Staff Open Forum with K-State President Kirk Schulz and Vice Presidents Cindy Bontrager and Cheryl Johnson in Forum Hall in the K-State Student Union Wednesday from 2-3 p.m.

According to K-State Today, everyone is encouraged to attend, as the event is an opportunity to receive answers to questions in any category. Questions can be posted ahead of time by emailing Carol Marden (cmarden@k-state.edu) before the forum begins.

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