Big 12 Power Rankings: week 10

An Oklahoma State fan celebrates after their victory over K-State at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stilllwater, Oklahoma on Oct. 3, 2015. (File Photo by Emily Starkey | The Collegian)

We’ve entered November and the Big 12 is in prime position to put one or even two teams in the College Football Playoff. The top four teams in the Big 12 are a combined 30-1 on the season, but that will soon change. Can each of these teams survive the first week of November unscathed?

1. TCU (5) 8-0 Next: At Oklahoma State

November is here, which means it’s about to get real for the Horned Frogs. A win against Oklahoma State improves their College Football Playoff resume, while a loss does damage that is possibly irreparable.

2. Baylor (2) 7-0 Next: At Kansas State

It’s been easy so far for Baylor; however, it’s about to get a whole lot tougher. It is not too often that a trip to Manhattan on a Thursday night is considered an easy game on your schedule.

3. Oklahoma (14) 7-1 Next: Iowa State

Like most of the contenders in the Big 12, this is the biggest stretch of the season for the Sooners. After Iowa State this week, they wrap up their Big 12 slate with Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State. I’d say things are about to get fun for the Sooners.

4. Oklahoma State (12) 8-0 Next: TCU

The Cowboys are one of the most underrated teams in America. Sitting at 8-0, this team is primed to do some damage in the College Football Playoffs due to their favorable schedule, which brings the top three teams in the power rankings to Stillwater.

5. Texas Tech (NR) 5-4 Next: At West Virginia

This is where things get ugly. Teams five through 10 are all battling it out for a bowl game, and none more so than Texas Tech. After going down to the top four teams in the Big 12, the Red Raiders need to assert their dominance against the bottom half of the conference in order to turn this season around.

6. West Virginia (NR) 3-4 Next: Texas Tech

There is no team more desperate for a win than West Virginia. OK maybe K-State is. Still, a win against Texas Tech would do wonders for the Mountaineers’ bowl chances.

7. Texas (NR) 3-5 Next: Kansas

One week Texas beats Oklahoma and looks good against K-State, then the next week they struggle and get shut out by Iowa State. Will the real Texas please stand up?

8. Kansas State (NR) 3-4 Next: Baylor

The Wildcats’ death march is almost over. After Baylor it’s a much more manageable schedule, but by then, will it be too little too late?

9. Iowa State (NR) 3-5 Next: At Oklahoma

Currently sitting at fifth in the Big 12 Conference Football Standings, I’m looking to see if the Cyclones can capitalize off their impressive victory against Texas. A strong showing against Oklahoma might do the trick.

10. Kansas (NR) 0-8 Next: At Texas

It was good to see all those fans show up to Memorial Stadium last weekend. Oh that was for the Royals. Ouch.