#Hashtag: Missouri football players boycott due to acts of racism on campus


According to an article from The New York Times, many black University of Missouri football players have declared that they will boycott football team activities until Timothy Wolfe, the university’s president, resigns.

The events that caused these students to take action involved incidents during which racial slurs were aimed at black students. Students who protested over this weekend claimed that officials failed to respond to racist and intolerant acts. The student protesters’ request was that Wolfe “step down or to be removed,” due to his inability to respond to the string of racist incidents that occurred on campus.

Saturday, the university’s black student government, The Legion of Black Collegians, posted a photo on Twitter of 30 plus members of the football team with a graduate student on hunger strike.

Gary Pinkel, head football coach, tweeted a football team photo today, to state support for boycotting players.

Football players also tweeted to raise awareness about the recent racist events that occurred and ways in which they, with the support of their coaches and teammates, plan to take action.

University of Missouri students, along with some others, have also been sending out tweets, since the weekend, regarding the incidents of racism and the boycott, tagging them “#ConcernedStudent1950.”

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