#Hashtag: Lest We Forget


Some countries call today Armistice Day, as a nod towards the end of World War I, while other countries call it Remembrance Day, dedicating today to the fallen soldiers of the “war to end all wars.” The U.S. celebrates Veteran’s Day, recognizing all current and past service members for their sacrifices.

Twitter users are spreading their heartfelt messages of gratitude using the tag “#LestWeForget,” as a reminder that we cannot be blind to the enormous sacrifices military men and women have made throughout history.

Many Twitter users have close family ties to the military, and thank their service men and women not just today, but every day.

Images of the red poppy are reminders that life continues on despite what is sacrificed during war, and are symbols specifically of WW1.

So, while many other days of the year we forget what has been and is still being sacrificed for us, today is a day to remember.