Big 12 Power Rankings Week 11

Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph looks to pass during the football game between K-State and Oklahoma State at the Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma on Oct. 3, 2015. (File Photo by George Walker | The Collegian)

It happened. It finally happened. We had our first major shake-up in the Big 12 Power Rankings, and now the conference is down to three legit contenders for the Big 12 playoff. The winner of Saturday’s game between Oklahoma and Baylor is a step closer to competing for the Big 12 crown and a possible spot in the College Football Playoff.

1. Oklahoma State (5) (9-0) Next: At Iowa State

Oklahoma State’s dispatching of TCU on Nov. 7 gives the Cowboys the league’s best win for the season. If they win out, they will be in the College Football Playoff.

2. Baylor (4) (8-0) Next: Oklahoma

Sure Baylor has beaten K-State, but when you look at the Bears’ resume, what has this team done? They have no wins against a team that has a record above .500. Baylor is sitting below Iowa in the College Football Playoff rankings this week as a result. A win versus Oklahoma would surely fix that, as the Bears are desperate for a meaningful win.

3. Oklahoma (12) (8-1) Next: At Baylor

One of the best one-loss teams in America, Oklahoma can insert itself into the playoff discussion with a win at Baylor. A loss reduces the Sooners to the role of spoiler for the rest of the 2015 season.

4. TCU (13) (8-1) Next: Kansas

TCU’s season went south on Nov. 7 against Oklahoma State. Now that their road back to the playoffs just got tougher, they can take their frustrations out on the Kansas Jayhawks.

5. West Virginia (NR) (4-4) Next: Texas

If West Virginia is going to reach a bowl game, they need a win Saturday. A loss makes it much harder for them from here on out.

6. Texas Tech (NR) (5-5) Next: K-State

See West Virginia.

7. Texas (NR) (4-5) Next: At West Virginia

See Texas Tech and West Virginia.

8. K-State (NR) (3-5) Next: At Texas Tech

Yep, same story as the rest. See Texas, Texas Tech and West Virginia.

9. Iowa State (NR) (3-6) Next: Oklahoma State

For the Cyclones to reach a bowl game, they have to win three straight conference games. The last time that happened was in 2011. So they have that going for them, which is nice.

10. Kansas (NR) (0-9) Next: At TCU

Shhhhh… Kansas, it’s almost over.