6-straight K-State losses has fans far past boiling point

Junior running back Charles Jones pushes senior defensive back J. J. Gaines on Nov. 14, 2015 at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, TX. The Red Raiders held the Wildcats back with a 59-44 win. (Rodney Dimick | The Collegian)

After another week and another loss, more questions are left unanswered.

The same K-State team that took Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State to the wire has fallen flat on its face against Oklahoma, Texas and now Texas Tech. Frankly, this team, coaching staff and program are running out of answers to the questions that fans have been asking.

In a season that has seen uncertainty across the board from the quarterback to the secondary, to even the play calling, there were moments where this team took a step or two forward … but then moonwalked four or sometimes even five steps backward for the strangest reasons.

The Red Raiders are ranked 127th in rushing defense, giving up 260 yards per game.

Folks, that’s one place below dead last.

How did the Wildcats respond to this? They put together a whopping 123 yards on the ground, barely over half of what Texas Tech normally gives up. Hell, sophomore quarterback Joe Hubener had 153 by himself against Baylor just a week ago.

It’s not rocket science: run the football.

I don’t care if they stuff 11 players in the box, it’s pretty simple: run the ball until they can stop it. The only thing that stopped K-State running the football was K-State. Adjustments that should be made aren’t being made, and it’s putting the team on the brink of having a not-so-happy holiday.

Now sure, I totally understand that this team is a collective “MASH” unit with it’s rash of injuries across the board, from standout senior defensive back Dante Barnett being out for an extended period of time to injured starting sophomore quarterback Jesse Ertz being out for the season after the first play.

After awhile, it’s about time we ask ourselves, “Are these guys up to the task?” Maybe we should just come to that realization now and say the following, “This team fights hard, but maybe they just aren’t good or consistent enough to reach any further success for 2015.”

Maybe we’re all wrong. Maybe this was the wake-up call for everybody in the program. From coach Bill Snyder to the fourth-string defensive back who’s playing his butt off in practice, maybe this sixth-straight loss was hitting rock bottom and this group will somehow pull it together to win three in a row.

Stranger things have happened, but the inconsistency of the talent, play calling and coaching has turned off fans and will not make life in the newly-christened Vanier Complex any easier.

“Operation Bowl Game” has reached hour zero, and task No. 1 is defeat Iowa State, a mission that’s gotten much tougher and not as certain as it once was. Will they pass? Will they fail? We will find out once the clock hits 0:00 in Bill Snyder Family Stadium on Saturday.

Andrew Hammond is a sophomore in mass communications.