Student Selection: A Blind Eye

(Illustration by Jacob Larson | The Collegian)

Tired of the social principalities, with technicalities as to why

there’s pain and casualties. I feel them after me.

Not as an individual, but they coming for my people.

Blind to the fact that we’re all created equal.

Greet you with neglect, then expect you to respect the way they treat you.

It still blows my mind, all the wrong that is deemed legal.

It’s evil; they recognize our strength but call us feeble.

Don’t want us to gain that knowledge, can’t let society deceive you.

But how can you recognize deception if you don’t know truth?

Have appetite for the Lord, because His Word bears fruit.

Remember seven days without the Lord makes one weak.

By the way seven is another word for complete.

One can become weak if they don’t feed their soul.

Just one day without the Lord means that your week at whole.

To truly become stronger then we must grow.

God’s Word is the One Truth that we must know.

I know it’s true that we must reap what we sow

Pray for peace, don’t want the Grimm to reap your soul.

Take this knowledge and apply it towards a better future.

You won’t always need a 3-piece for society to suit ya’.

Charles Little, junior in business marketing