Letter to the Editor: K-state’s accessibility


Kansas State University is known to care about its students and make every person feel like they are at home. They have all sorts of programs for kids that need extra help or for kids who have a disability. The university offers its students with disabilities programs, like the Student Access Center, that specialize in making the college experience an equal opportunity for everyone. They even have free tutoring for any students who wish to receive the extra help in a course.

These programs make the university more appealing to incoming students and help kids with disabilities choose to attend and pursue their education at Kansas State University.

Though this is true for students with learning disabilities, we don’t tend to offer the physically disabled the same kind of treatment.

A current problem we currently have at Kansas State University is our lack of electronic doors. Even though the buildings have ramps for those to reach the door of the building, there is not yet a button on all doors to let those in wheelchairs into the building. This causes people to have to wait for a person to open a door for them. If there isn’t another person present, they are not able to enter the building.

Right now K-State’s current projects include building a new residence hall and a new dining center, adding a wing to Durland Hall and renovating Memorial Stadium to a K-State Welcome Center. Future projects are to add to the K-State Union, to add on to Seaton, add a chilled water plant around campus and to add an Equine Performance Testing Center.

Some of these projects seem unimportant compared to the current problem at hand. Doors can’t be propped open at all times for students who aren’t able to enter buildings. To me, it seems like making our campus more accessible for everyone is more important than adding on to current buildings. Hopefully K-State will acknowledge this current problem and will do something to fix it.

Miranda Elliott, junior in social sciences