Letter to the Editor: We need feminism


I was so happy to see Karyn Elliott’s article bringing attention to street harassment that is so common here in Manhattan. And I completely agree that we need feminism in today’s society. But when many people hear the word “feminism,” positive thoughts do not come to mind. For some, the idea of feminism can quickly turn into the idea of man-hating, or bashing men.

It’s important for everyone to understand that feminism is not about that at all. It’s not about women being better than men or wanting to be more powerful. It’s about equality among all genders. It’s about all humans having equal power, freedom and opportunity.

We don’t just need feminism because street harassment is offensive, embarrassing and degrading. Street harassment can quickly turn into a woman’s fear for her own safety. We need feminism because women in Manhattan and all over the world live in fear every day. Women are told not to walk home alone at night, never go to a party alone. Always pay attention to your surroundings, always make sure no one is following you.

There are many reasons that feminism is necessary in our society. Of course, equality is very important. But women deserve to live in a community where we don’t have to live in constant fear for our safety.

The truth is, women can’t achieve this type of equality alone. Men and women need to join together, to fight for equality and understand that feminism is not just about women. It’s about all genders fighting for equal rights.

Nicole Walker, senior in social sciences