Letter to the Editor: Women in leadership


I would like to thank Pierce Bennett for his article, “SGA seeks more participation from women, students in general,” that talked about the gender gap in student government at K-State.

I think that it is an important issue to call attention to, especially now, since so much of our news is focused on presidential campaigns. Not that we need more politics thrown in our face, but we do need to be more aware of governing bodies closer to home, like SGA.

The lack of female students on ballots is something that I have noticed each time student elections have come around during my years here. Specifically, I have noticed the lack of female students on the ballot for student body president and vice president elections. I have had quite a few female peers who held different levels of leadership positions with skill and poise while also being good representatives for their perspective groups and organizations.

So, the issue here definitely isn’t that we have a lack of eligible female candidates seeking leadership roles.

I agree with those interviewed in the article that said it’s more of a lack of awareness of SGA itself that keeps female students from participating. For me personally, I never really realize that elections are ever happening until signs start to appear all over campus for different candidates. Hopefully, with more people aware that our student government needs more involvement, we will see more interest in running for positions, or even just in what opportunities there may be.

With all of the different changes happening in education and on campus in recent years, now more than ever is the time for students to actively voice their opinion and take on leadership positions where they can represent K-State students as a whole. Also, if we want to see more equal gender representation in politics nationally, why not start at the collegiate level? Encouraging more women to participate in politics here will encourage more to do so in the future with larger audiences, and hopefully lead to more equal representation of female issues in state and federal governments.

Thank you,

Jessica Hermesch, senior in mass communications