Do’s and don’ts of wedding registry

When preparing for the gift registry, couples have to take in consideration the costs, quantity and importance of items needed to add into their list. (Photo Illustration by George Walker | The Collegian)

There are many things couples have to think about when they are preparing to get married, one of which is their registry. Couples have to take cost, quantity and importance into consideration of what to include on their gift register.

Gift buyers don’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money on a wedding gift, but they do want to support the couple by buying them something that celebrates their new journey in life.

According to Susan Breslow Sardone’s article “Wedding Statistics and Honeymoon Facts and Figures,” 91 percent of couples have a wedding registry, and the average wedding gift ranges from $70-$100.

According to Elana Sedlacek, Manhattan resident, it is now considered common courtesy to buy a wedding gift for the happy couple when you have been invited to share in their special day.

Every wedding registry is different, and the size of a wedding could affect the size of the wedding registry that accompanies it.

According to the CBS News article “Wedding registries: What to scan, what to skip,” Nancy Lee, president of, said the purpose of a wedding registry is allow your family and friends to help you begin your future life together.

It is beneficial to register the wedding gifts you want so that what you receive is actually what you need or want. Registering also helps couples avoid receiving duplicate gifts or getting something they already have at home.

According to, the most popular places to register are Bed, Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Target and Pottery Barn.

Couples should also take into consideration the accessibility of the store where they are registering. If couples are inviting guests from out of town, they should try to make sure the store is located in other states in addition to their own.

Prices are also an important thing to be conscious of, even when registering at higher-end stores. Make sure the cost of items on the list varies, so guests have options and are not limited to the most expensive items on your wish list.

Couples should also remember to avoid limiting their registry to the obvious wedding gifts. There is no rule about what you can and cannot ask for. Think outside the box and have fun.