Album Review: A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay



“A Head Full of Dreams” reveals Coldplay’s styles throughout the years in 11 tracks. From guitars, different types of drums, synthesizers and more, the album certainly owns the title. Each track provides a colorful theme to make the listener feel as if they are living a dream.

The Album

The first song, “A Head Full of Dreams,” begins with a mesmerizing synth buildup that leads into an upbeat rhythm with bass, drums and synthesizers. As the song progresses, guitars come in to help keep the energy flowing fast and strong. Other songs like “Birds” and “Adventure of a Lifetime” also present an upbeat theme with great melodies and majestic harmonies backing them up.

“Everglow” gives a more relaxed feeling to listeners through chilling piano chords and tender vocals by Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin. Other instruments enter as the song progresses, providing more sense and wonder to the track. One song, “Amazing Day” reminds me a little of the song “Earth Angel,” which was featured in the movie “Back to the Future.” The melody, however, takes some twists and turns from what is expected, giving the song a rather unique style.

“Kaleidoscope” and “Colour Spectrum” present rather gentle harmonies with someone presenting a bit of a speech during the music. It was interesting yet surprising, because when listening to these tracks I expected more of a choir or maybe just an instrumental. Finally, “Up&Up” brings forth various styles Coldplay has used in previous albums, starting with synthesizers and strings. The song later progresses with drums and multiple voices before leading into a full ensemble of guitars, vocals, percussion, bass and various synthesizers.

Personal Favorite

Out of the 10 tracks in this new album, “Everglow” had to be my favorite. The piano chords really fit the mood that the song was going for, and as it kept going it began to get a bit more complex. The style of drums used in the song was a really nice choice because they don’t take focus away from the piano or Chris Martin’s vocals. If you are into slow yet emotional pieces, this song easily falls into that category.

Final Comments

I wasn’t a huge fan of “Kaleidoscope” and “Colour Spectrum” mostly because of the speeches presented. It is a creative twist, but it’s a twist I couldn’t really get into as much as the other songs. Aside from these two, this album certainly shows Coldplay’s changes from their previous albums. It’s different, but with how this album is, it only leaves me to wonder where Coldplay’s style will shift to next.

Overall Rating: 4/5