Friday news briefs


Attorney general aiming to use naturalization test in schools

The Kansas attorney general said he wants to use the naturalization test that is required to become a U.S. citizen in schools, according to the Salina Journal.

Derek Schmidt said in a release Tuesday that he aims to have the State Board of Education implement the U.S. citizenship test in general education in Kansas schools. Schmidt said it will help those who get automatic citizenship appreciate it.

According to Schmidt, the test can be used to promote learning between students and civic leaders in Kansas.

Questions on the test range from history to government to other basic needs and knowing how the the government works.

Professor works to understand, prevent cockroaches

Ludek Zurek, professor of entomology, is part of a research team working to understand German cockroaches and the communities they form, according to K-State News and Communications Services.

The roaches find larger communities by tracking pheromones in feces, according to the release. The research team discovered that the young roaches prefer specific bacteria in the feces.

“This result is another example demonstrating the importance of microbes in biology of eukaryotes, including mediation of animal behavior,” Zurek said to K-State News and Communications.

German cockroaches transfer germs between people and contaminate food. The bugs can also be a source of allergies, according to the release.

“This research can lead to practical applications, such as devising more efficient traps for cockroaches based on the specific blend of volatile compounds originating from bacteria,” Zurek said.

John Ruberson, head of the entomology department, said to K-State News and Communications Services that the work is an important piece in the researchers’ findings.

“This work adds a significant piece to our understanding of the role of microbes in shaping animal ecology and behavior, and raises new questions about these relationships and how to exploit them for managing pests — hallmarks of excellent research,” Ruberson said.

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