Letter to the Editor: Basketball team deserves better support


After attending basketball games throughout my college career, and especially this season, I’m embarrassed and ashamed in our lack of support for our men’s team.

A loud and full environment is a huge factor for players, and they tend to vibe off of our intensity as a crowd. Our team needs our support from beginning to end, and there is no excuse for not following through.

According to the ticket sales office, this year 6,200 GA and iCat combo passes were sold. The student section in Bramlage holds 4,030 seats, yet the sections allotted for students have been less than half full at all games so far this season.

Even worse than the attendance of the games are the attitudes of the students. I can’t tell you how many times I hear people, might I add people who have never been to a game, say we are going to “suck.” I don’t understand how someone can say this without any knowledge of our team and its players and have such a pessimistic point of view.

Another comment I hear very frequently is when people are asked if they are going to games, they respond with, “I’m going to wait and see if we are any good.”

Wait, what? I thought K-State was all about “family?” Last I heard, a family supports each other no matter what.

Just a few weeks ago, we nearly had the University of North Carolina beat in the CBE Classic championship game in Kansas City, Missouri. That was a top 10-ranked team. Sure, we didn’t end up winning the game, but we still put up an amazing fight. They showed a team of tough competitors, a team that plays together and plays with heart.

I understand college is a busy time, and especially this time of the year it is with finals and everything that goes along with it, but our student body should make a better effort and a better presence at our basketball games.

We constantly poke fun and make comments about KU being a “one-sport school,” as if we give all of our sports as much attention as our football program. We cannot continue to only care about one specific game the whole season. If we keep up this behavior and attitude, we too will gain the reputation of being a one-sport school. I’m not sure if people have forgotten, but just a few years ago our basketball team tied for first place in the Big 12 Conference.

Even if our team this year has multiple new players and freshmen, it shouldn’t have to gain our support. No, that’s all the more reason we should support them from the beginning.

Natalie Hunt, senior in advertising