Quicker campus routes, whereabouts

The Quinlan Natural Area bridge provides a quick shortcut between classes. (Emily Starkey | The Collegian)

Class just got out, it’s the beginning of the semester and you haven’t had time to walk your schedule yet. Your next class starts in less than 10 minutes and is on the other side of campus. It seems as if every other student is getting out of class at the same time. Traffic is heavy, and you wish all it took was the snap of your fingers to instantly transfer you to the next lecture. In hopes of making it on time, you instead rely on shortcuts you have either simply heard of or see everyone else taking.

If a student is trekking through the Strong Complex heading directly south, a quick jog through the Quinlan Natural Area, across the bridge and along the sidewalk will take the student behind King Hall and eventually behind Dickens Hall. This will then lead to Bluemont Hall, which is where Naomi Henry, sophomore in life sciences, said she learned something new.

“This is a fairly well-known route to those who live in the Strong Complex,” Henry said. “But early during my freshman year, my friend walked me through it on the way to class, and it just made sense ever since.”

Henry said it was about four minutes faster to bypass the Leadership Studies Building and cross behind the buildings that she had previously walked in front of.

Making it to the Quad in a timely manner from Umberger Hall is also doable, or is at least a safer travel when weather is an obstacle.

“I would go through the north doors of Cardwell Hall to make it to the Quad, Ackert Hall or one of the engineering buildings,” Jack Nolte, sophomore in microbiology said. “Sometimes I would have to fight the crowds of students just getting out of classes, but it was a nice beeline out of the elements for even a little while.”

Maggie Mosley, junior in management, revealed a less familiar route that gets someone to Thompson Hall faster due to less foot traffic.

“Instead of walking along Mid-Campus Drive, I would take the sidewalk that crosses in front of the president’s house,” Mosley said. “This route is only good for a few destinations, but it’s not a commonly used path so you won’t have to dodge as many people.”

This sidewalk is found just south of Lovers Lane and will direct a student to Vattier Street. From there, a short jaunt can be taken to All Faiths Chapel, the Beach Museum of Art, McCain Auditorium or Thompson Hall, which is remotely located behind these buildings.

Shortcuts can be useful for students and faculty looking for a break from the cold, a straight-cut route or a seldomly used path. It could be a hunch that gets you there, passed-on information from a mentor or a just plain luck that you happened upon it. Whatever the reason, punctuality will finally be in sight.