Street Talk: Favorite Apps


We asked students what their favorite apps are and what they do.

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My favorite app is Yik Yak because I get to talk to strangers.

Gary Wadsworth, sophomore in secondary education

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I really enjoy using the app WeChat because it allows me to communicate with a lot of my Chinese friends who don’t have a Facebook or when they go back home they are unable to access Facebook, so it allows me to keep in contact with them in a way otherwise that I probably wouldn’t be able to to.

Zach Bomberger, senior in social sciences

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My favorite app is Pinterest because with a background in event planning and working as a caterer, it gives you a really good idea of what the client is looking for if they themselves can’t describe it. Or they’ll just find what they want and bring it to you. Makes work easy.

Dacarra Peppers, senior in kinesiology

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Snapchat. It allows you to connect with your friends with something more than your words, which is why it’s my favorite app.

Tyler Gardner, graduate student in agronomy

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Instagram. I’m trying to become an artist. It lets me get my art out there in public, and everyone that follows me can see what I do. I can follow other artists that are doing the same thing I am. It helps get me out there in the art world since Manhattan doesn’t have the biggest art junction with what I want to do.

Rance Hansen, graduate student in fine arts