Everyone needs a little positivity, because sometimes life is just too hard. Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or you spilled coffee on yourself, twice. In 30 minutes. Or maybe you totally forgot about the really important thing you needed to definitely get done today. Either way, some days just have a rough start.

Well today, Twitter is offering a little hope. Its users are offering ways to make the day just a little better with the trend #LetsMakeTodayBetterBy.

Whether that’s through offering back to others.

Maybe playing a game where you can control someone else’s day.

You could try to just sleep it off.

Maybe you just need to work it off, even if you really don’t want to.

Being kind to another person could easily lift your mood. Seeing someone else smile might remind you do it too.

Or you could binge on comfort food.

Regardless of how you do it, Twitter asks that you simply try to make today better in some way.

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