Being an adult is tough sometimes. We all want to remember our childhood; it was a much simpler time, and it was way more fun. Today, Twitter users are using the trend #IllNeverBeTooOldTo to remind others that we’re never too old to do something childish.

This was the only way to eat ice cream. If you didn’t turn it to soup, you weren’t doing it right.

This user understands how much fun a ball pit really is. At any age.

It is definitely still OK to wear matching necklaces that loudly proclaim your friendship.

If you don’t spin around in your chair, are you really living life to the fullest?

Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers. That is all.

The fear of salmonella will never stop you.

You’re definitely never too old to call mom. She still knows the answer to everything.

No matter your age, keeping in touch with your childhood is important. You’re way more fun when you’re not pretending to be a stuffy adult with a job and a mortgage and other tremendously boring stuff.

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