Street Talk: Campus racism


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It’s not a big issue here at K-State. I’ve lived in a lot of places in and out of the United States, and Kansas is not in the highest rate of racism. A lot of people here are educated with this, especially in a college town like Manhattan.

Abdul Alsalhi, sophomore in aviation maintenance management

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On Yik Yak, people can say some mean things. Like how once they were saying how they wished my group at my table were underground workers and all this stuff.

Essence Crain, sophomore in apparel and textiles

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I haven’t experienced racism yet. People are pretty nice and not judgemental here.

Yunxi Liu, freshman in economics

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People can be very ignorant to racism, and they’re very much like, ‘It doesn’t affect my life so why should I care?’ People are taught this way. It’s ingrained in them.

Rebekah Mally, sophomore in apparel and textiles

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People here (are) all good. There is no problems, no racism, no. They just talk fast.

Ayyadah Alshammari, freshman in English