Today marks the start of Black History Month, and Twitter users wasted no time in using #BlackHistoryMonth to celebrate influential figures throughout the decades. From Michael Jackson, to Martin Luther King Jr., to Mae Jemison and Jackie Robinson, tweeters recognize their contributions to society.

This user spotted Bernie Sanders marching behind Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963.

These guys are so excited!

Despite a rough history, Frederick Douglass reminds us all to continue fighting for equality.

“National Negro History Week” was celebrated during the second week of February, according an old newspaper this user found.

Mostly people are celebrating their history proudly.

Nelson Mandela paved the way for black leaders in South Africa, revolutionizing the South African government by abolishing apartheid.

The music industry wouldn’t be the same without these strong black artists.

Overall, this month represents the triumphs that African Americans have achieved throughout the course of history.