Americans setting themselves up for failure in 2016 election

Graphic by Audrey Hockersmith | Data from Photo credit: Audrey Hockersmith

The American people hate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and they have their reasons.

Clinton’s and Trump’s unfavorable ratings are highlighted in the Jan. 9, 2016, New York Post article “Parties are about to nominate two candidates Americans hate,” by Kyle Smith.

Smith’s article is not the only thing alluding to the idea that Americans hate these two candidates. If you want proof, just look at the polls.

Clinton’s unfavorable ratings average 51.4 percent and Trump’s average 57.8 percent, according to polling data from Real Clear Politics’ website. These numbers are higher than some of my chemistry exam scores, which is sad. Does the comparison make any sense? No, but it does add a little more weight to the issue.

Evidently people lost their love for Clinton. They once thought her feminine charm made her compassionate and honest, as well as inspiring and decisive, but they think differently now.

Beginning around August 2015, Clinton’s unfavorable ratings took a turn for the worse and skyrocketed from 46 percent to more than 53 percent in October, according to Real Clear Politics.

Another reason Clinton’s fan club may have taken a few steps back was to avoid association with her after her Secretary of State email scandal.

Clinton used a private email server and neglected to register a State Department email account. By doing this, Clinton and her aids had an increased control of her email records, according to the CNN article “Hillary Clinton emails: Did she do anything wrong or not?”

Lesson learned. Clinton isn’t as loving as she once was, even despite her new title: grandma. Politics turned her into a cold, hard B.

What is even harder to fathom than Clinton’s growing lack of compassion and ability to relate with women and gays, is that despite his unfavorable rating, Trump is sitting so high in the polls that he is basically floating in the clouds above all the other Republican Party nominees.

It’s not hard to hypothesize why Americans hate Trump. It is simply because he is a class A jerk. He is overconfident in flaunting his riches, something that doesn’t relate well with the general populace as not everyone fits into his tax bracket.

On Twitter, Trump said Megyn Kelly is “a lightweight reporter,” according to the Fox News article “Trump campaign says Donald won’t participate in Fox News/Google debate.” Although Trump is being cool by using social media like everyone else, using it to attack Kelly didn’t help his approval ratings, if that was what he was looking for.

From what is broadcast in the media, Trump doesn’t have a platform. He is constantly changing his mind and flip-flopping positions.

David A. Fahrenthold does a great job of describing Trump’s platform in his Washington Post article “Republican Candidate Donald Trump’s platform: Because I said so.”

“President Trump’s vision would work because Trump would be president,” Fahrenthold said.

Trump’s platform, based on building projects and immigrant manhunts, holds about as much weight as a parent rationalizing a decision to their child by saying, “Because I said so.”

On the other hand, Clinton’s campaign is for her to be a champion for everyday Americans.

Not only is she concerned about Alzheimer’s disease, campaign finance reform, campus sexual assault, climate change and energy, she also has a stake in criminal justice reform, disability rights, early childhood education and gun violence prevention, to name a few from her website,

Her issues take more than one scroll to get all the way through, but at least she has a stake in political issues.

What have these candidates done thus far?

Honestly, I don’t know, which is so incredibly sad. Other than run their mouths, make political mistakes and look ignorant to the public, these candidates have done nothing of substance that I can tell.

Looking back at the beginning of Obama’s presidency, I remember hearing a lot of talk revolving around people’s lack of approval for him and the idea that he wouldn’t be sitting in the White House for long.

If one of these so-called candidates finds themselves enjoying the luxuries that the marble-guttered city, also know as Washington D.C., has to offer, then I hope they don’t find themselves facing the threats Obama did at the beginning of his presidency.