Bluestem Bistro: Great drinks, no space

Gus Pease, freshman in engineering, makes a latte at Bluestem Bistro on Feb. 1, 2016. Bluestem's staff is known for being friendly. (Hailey McClellan | The Collegian)

Bluestem Bistro, located in Aggieville, offers a wide variety of drinks and food options for almost everyone in Manhattan. The staff seems friendly enough, considering how busy the cafe can get. On a Sunday afternoon, there were only two small tables available. Despite the lack of space, Bluestem has a very unique menu.

This cafe offers everything from smoothies and specialty coffees to coffee liqueurs and wine. While there are some common favorites, like hot chocolate and a variety of brewed coffees, the “Bistro Favorites” menu offers a few unique to Bluestem Bistro.

The Heaven Breve, which is what I got, was excellent. It has vanilla, white chocolate and coconut flavors and is a Bluestem Bistro creation. Other drinks include the Honey Nougat Latte, Sweet Love, Grasshopper Mocha, Milky Way Mocha and more. Many of these drinks are only available at Bluestem Bistro, unless someone decides to try to make another cafe and recreate these drinks, but I can assure you it would not be the same as the original.

Price-wise, the cafe did not seem to be trying to get its customers to empty their pockets. For almost $6, I was able to get a large Heaven Breve with an extra shot of espresso. Considering all that went into the drink, it felt fair enough. Bluestem also offers the “Bistro Blackhole” for those coffee addicts in need of limitless refills on regular brewed coffee for only $3.

The staff members are extremely friendly and seemed to know what they were doing. Despite the long line, the cashier was smiling, polite and rang up my order efficiently, keeping the line moving. I thought I would have to wait longer than I did because of the number of people ahead of me in line, but by the time I found a seat and got situated, my drink was ready. There were enough staff members behind the counter to accommodate for the many customers.

Even though the drinks are fantastic, Bluestem seems to be lacking one thing, and that’s space. The cafe was crowded on a Sunday at 3 p.m., and there were very few tables open, except on the patio. This would have been nice when the weather was warm, but it wasn’t nice in the winter.

The small tables were inches apart, not offering any real sense of privacy when talking to your friends or whoever you might be out with. On the plus side, it is much easier to meet new people when it is so easy to eavesdrop on the couple next to you. If you are just wanting a quiet place to study, however, this might not be the place for you.

Overall, Bluestem Bistro is a decent place to chat with friends. If you are someone that needs background noise to work, this is the place to study. Otherwise, you might be better off going to the library, but then you would miss out on the exceptional coffee drinks exclusively at Bluestem Bistro.

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