Van Ranken-Kennedy to run for student body president, vice president

Jessica Van Ranken, junior in political science, is running for student body president. (Photo Courtesy of Jessica Van Ranken)

Jessica Van Ranken, junior in political science and current speaker pro tem for the Student Governing Association, announced Monday night that she will run for student body president in the upcoming SGA elections. By her side, Trenton Kennedy, sophomore in entrepreneurship, will run for student body vice president.

The pair’s three-platform campaign themes are mental wellness, diversity and political advocacy.

According to Van Ranken, mental wellness is “critical to student success.”

“We believe that we have ideas to help further Counseling Services’ outreach to students and increase the great services that they do provide to students through the aiding of the development of the peer education program,” Van Ranken said.

The team’s platform of diversity is about recognizing the importance of a “diverse, enriching environment” to student success, Van Ranken said.

“We, as K-State students, can be doing more to support one another and really be a part of that K-State family,” Van Ranken said. “We, as members of SGA, would like to form a better partnership with different entities on campus that are diverse and to work toward implementing more cultural competency training for the faculty and staff because they’re doing the enriching of students.”

For Van Ranken and Kennedy, political advocacy means giving students a stronger voice through legislation education.

“It’s a goal of the Van Ranken-Kennedy campaign to engage in the beginning steps of building a higher education advocacy organization around student issues and student-driven advocacy,” Van Ranken said.

Van Ranken said she is excited about the opportunity to potentially become the student body president, as there hasn’t been a female student body president at K-State since the 2008-09 school year.

“I think that we’ve had a lot of really wonderful female leaders in student government in the past few years, but we haven’t had a female student body president, so I think that it would be a special opportunity for me to be able to use the skills that I have to highlight the great aspects of female leadership and representative leadership,” Van Ranken said.

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