Street Talk: Inspiration for volunteering


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I just really love doing it. I’ve always done it through high school. Before, I always used to be required to do it, but now that I’m in college I feel like I want a really well-rounded, balanced life, so I feel like volunteering kind of helps with that.

Laura Spriet, freshman in textile and apparel marketing

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I just think I’ve been fortunate to be blessed myself and receive a lot of scholarships myself to attend K-State, so I think just kind of the desire to pass on what I’ve been blessed with. It’s inspiring to see so many people at K-State want to serve and that’s what motivates me to serve as well. I think just helping others out that really need help.

Justin Schmutz, sophomore in agriculture technology management

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Knowing that it’s possible to make a difference in other people’s lives, you just have to be willing to give the time.

Chelsea Turner, freshman in communication sciences and disorders

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I think it’s really important to help your community, because if you don’t participate in your community then you don’t get to see the community as a whole, you only see the parts that you participate in. And so I think it’s really important to see things as a whole.

Ben Archibeque, sophomore in physics and psychology

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Just knowing that if I have the opportunity and the funds to volunteer then I can make somebody else better off.

Abby Friesen, sophomore in agricultural economics