Food truck review: Vista Food Truck

Students wait in line to place their order to the Vista Food Truck for lunch. The food trucks are parked in Bosco Plaza at lunch time while the Union is being renovated. (Nathan Jones | The Collegian)

With the food court gone, many K-Staters have been utilizing the food trucks in front of the K-State Student Union. These trucks, including the Vista Food Truck, provide a wide variety of food for students. The Vista Food Truck offers a range of American food, such as burgers, known as Vistaburgers, chicken strips, corn dogs and french fries.


The cashier was incredibly friendly. She waited patiently while I decided what to order and was very polite throughout the whole transaction. The man who handed me my quarter-pound Vistaburger with cheese and french fries had probably the biggest smile I have ever seen on a person’s face while working in a cramped food truck. This man had my food ready to go almost before I had even finished swiping my card.

It was the fastest service I have ever experienced. Knowing that you do not have to wait forever for your food is nice, but it does make you curious about how fresh your food really is.


The best way to describe the quarter-pound Vistaburger is that it tasted like a Big Mac rip-off. The quality of the meat seemed slightly above McDonald’s, but really, there was nothing special about this burger besides the borderline inedible amount of onions on it.

The french fries left much to be desired. Slightly cold and with little flavor, they tasted like cheap french fries, except they were not cheap. There was no seasoning on them at all, and Vista Food Truck was not kidding when they said “small fries.”

I was completely unimpressed by this meal.


One would think that for the prices, the food would be top-quality fast food. This, unfortunately, was not the case.

It felt like I had ordered a McDonald’s burger for nearly twice the price. For a burger, small french fries and a soda, I paid $7.75. If the burger had been better quality or even came with just a larger amount of french fries, this price would make more sense.

Also, after looking at the Wildcat2Go menu, the Vista Food Truck seems to be upping the prices for K-State students and faculty. Though the Wildcat2Go menu did not seem to include a drink, my quarter-pound Vistaburger with french fries would have been $5.69 and would have included a salad. Why are we being charged more?

I can understand that the food truck needs to pay for gas and everything, but charging the K-State community almost $3 more seems outrageous.

While the service was superb, the food was not. In all honesty, I would totally eat here again if the prices were lower. Otherwise, I’ll just stick with a Big Mac Meal.

I give this food truck two out of five stars.

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