Review: Arrow Coffee Co.

Students and people pack into Arrow Coffee Co. on Feb. 16, 2016, to meet up with friends and converse over speciality brewed coffee drinks. (Photo by Evert Nelson | The Collegian)

Arrow Coffee Co. is a locally owned, small cafe that, though very fashionable-looking, failed to impress. Nothing was particularly wrong with this cafe, but nothing really went perfect during my visit there either. Overall, I was slightly underwhelmed by this experience.


The cafe’s atmosphere was probably the most impressive part of the experience. For being such a small space, it didn’t feel that small. Everything from the large windows to light-colored counters and tables made the space feel very open. I don’t really know much about interior design, but I feel like this place was very well designed.

Unfortunately, in order to get such a spacious feel in tight quarters, seating can get sort of limited. While I was there, I witnessed someone having to ask to share a table with a stranger because there were no more tables left. On the bright side, this makes it super easy to make new friends if you are a people person.


The cashier was very friendly and conversational throughout the transaction. That kind of service makes the customers feel very welcome, which is always good. As the barista made my drink, he made sure to continue the small talk. This is great if you are a people person, but if all you want is a cup of coffee, not a brief relationship with the barista, then it might be better to take a step back from the counter because there will be small talk.

The chit-chat, however, may have been distracting. It felt like it took a little longer than necessary to make a simple caramel cappuccino. While it did not take too long, it definitely could have been a little quicker. This did not really detract from the experience, but it certainly did not add to it.

Quality Coffee

Like everything else in Arrow, my caramel cappuccino was very pretty. The barista was able to do the heart-shaped foam art that people post on Instagram, which was really nice, but in reality that doesn’t make the drink taste any better. Despite paying an extra 80 cents to add some caramel to it, the drink was still extremely bitter because the caramel was not mixed in at all. Chugging the last of the cappuccino, I found just a layer of caramel sauce coating the bottom. If you do not add any flavors to your coffee, this should not be a problem. If you do, be sure to mix it yourself before drinking.

This is a good place to go for the coffee connoisseur to get a decently priced drink, but for those who are not entirely sure what they want or what the different espresso beverages are, it may be a little tough to navigate. The staff is friendly enough to help you choose a good drink though, so all in all, Arrow Coffee Co. is as good a cafe as any. I just may not make it my daily coffee stop.

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