Review: Radina’s Coffeehouse and Roastery


The Radina’s Coffeehouse and Roastery located in Aggieville just became my favorite coffee shop so far. Between the atmosphere and the marvelous coffee, I was extremely impressed.


The lady behind the counter needs to share her happy pills. She was super sweet and helpful as I was choosing my beverage. She told me what was in each drink I asked about without looking annoyed or impatient. More people in the service industry need to be like her because her smiling face made the experience at Radina’s that much better.


Where do I begin when describing the warm, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in this Radina’s? First of all, this is an extremely spacious cafe. There was plenty of room for all the tables to be comfortably spaced out, so nobody was accidentally eavesdropping on each other’s conversations or feeling like they were sitting too close to someone else. It was late morning when I went in, and there was plenty of seating available. I felt comfortable enough to put my feet up without feeling like I was taking up too much space.

While the tables looked comfortable as well, the couch was heavenly. I can easily imagine myself going in, curling up on that couch and enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee and a book. This place gets a super A-plus on coziness.

Quality coffee and price

I ordered the Snickers Mocha, listed under the “Favorites” menu, and it became my new favorite coffee drink. I felt like I was drinking a Snickers bar with whipped cream, and for the chocolate lovers out there, that is a very good thing. Really, there are only good things to talk about for this cup of coffee. I can’t wait to try more.

For the size of mug the drink came in, I would have expected it to cost at least a dollar or two more than it did. It cost around $6 and was worth every cent. While some might say $6 for a drink is a lot, I have to say for speciality coffee, the price was about right. I will not say it was a bargain, but I just don’t think anyone is having to empty their pockets for the quality coffee they are receiving.

Overall, I highly enjoyed my time in Radina’s. It was an experience that has encouraged me to come back again. This cafe receives 5 out of 5 well-deserved stars.

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