Street Talk: ‘Sandstorm’ controversy


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I do not see the harm necessarily. It does not physically hurt anyone. It is just dumb, and it makes the university and students look bad.

Jesse Oropeza, freshman in fisheries, wildlife and conservation biology.

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I think that it is not the current students’ fault for the chant. It was started long before any of us got here. I think students need to take personal responsibility for changing the tradition.

Luke Schwertfeger, senior in marketing.

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I don’t think it is bad, just healthy rivalry.

Kailey Prior, freshman in fine arts.

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I feel like rivalry is fine if it is encouraging teams to do better, but yelling obscenities is unnecessary.

Kyle Hampel, freshman in graphic design.

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I understand why it is banned — it is immature and unbecoming. Although, it would be nice if it could still be played because it is a tradition.

Piper Robb, freshman in economics.