SGA presidential candidate: Robert Sharp

(George Walker | The Collegian)

Robert Sharp, junior in political science, has never been a part of the Student Governing Association, but he is running for Student Body President. He said he has an unwavering passion for and dedication to the student body, which is why he wants to run.

“I am determined to win this campaign,” Sharp said. “I don’t have much experience with Student Governing Association, but that has not discouraged me from putting tremendous amounts of time and work into this campaign.”

Sharp, born and raised in Goddard, Kansas, said he plans to go to law school upon graduation. He is an active member of the K-State Mock Trial Team, and he said he believes that through this experience he has learned how to properly represent others.

“I have learned that I love to represent others,” Sharp said. “I would love to represent the student body to the Board of Regents, the administration and the Manhattan community as a whole. I really like to see ideas put into action, and I am ready to get this thing started.”

Sharp said he plans to represent the student body when it comes to every idea that students are passionate about, especially the small issues that are often overlooked.

“The platform that I have chosen to run upon is to address the small issues here at Kansas State,” Sharp said. “These are the issues that are often overlooked by the administration, such as parking and available Wi-Fi.”

Sharp is running for office with Samuel Hughes, vice president candidate and sophomore in political science, and said he is determined to represent the voices in the student body.

“I believe that we can bring some fresh ideas to the table,” Hughes said. “Ideas that individuals in Student Governing Association have not been thought of or have pushed to the side. I also believe that we can serve as a voice for the students that are not actively a part of a greek organization. I hold nothing against the greek community; I just believe that we can bring about a fresh perspective.”

According to Hughes, the team believes that they can represent many perspectives in the student body because they themselves are an example of the phrase “opposites attract.”

“We balance out the way that one another thinks,” Hughes said. “We are at the opposite ends of the ideological spectrum, and I believe this qualifies us to understand different parties and covers all of our bases. Between both of us, we will be capable of compromise and coming to neutral agreements to please the student body.”

Darja Meskin, junior in philosophy and Sharp’s mock trial teammate, said she agrees that Sharp would be qualified to represent the student body.

“I think Robert has the perseverance and dedication to be a good president,” Meskin said. “He is organized, considerate and a man of his word. If he tells you he’ll do something, he will. Robert is also the kind of person who gives people the benefit of the doubt. He is open to new ideas and is great at working with others in a way that let’s them speak their minds freely.”