Study Abroad Office presents to classes, encourages questions


For some college students, it can be difficult to decide which life path to take. Brendan Richardson, international programs adviser, said studying abroad is what led him to the correct path of life.

“When I was in college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and studying abroad helped me grow and helped guide me to what I wanted to do the rest of my life,” Richardson said.

Joe Milostan, interim director of study abroad, said his goal every day is to try and make sure that as much of the K-State campus is aware of study abroad program opportunities and how beneficial they can be.

Richardson said there is no limitation to which departments are allowed to receive a presentation on study abroad programs, but he hopes to reach as many classrooms as possible.

“We reach out to the all faculty teaching in that specific semester, asking them to consider us to give a presentation, and we always love the opportunity to share our experiences,” Richardson said. “If they want us to, they fill out a form and then we schedule it.”

Amy Hein, junior in marketing and Spanish and study abroad peer adviser, said the faculty can help suggest which direction they want the presentation to go.

Milostan said there is typically a good response from the classroom presentations.

According to Richardson, six out of the eight colleges on the K-State campus have been exposed to classroom presentations regarding studying abroad this semester alone. This does not include student organizations, greek life and the Study Abroad Fair, which also reaches out to high school seniors.

Hein said she was exposed to study abroad through her Spanish class and her motivation to utilize the language she was learning. She said her trip to Madrid, Spain, was a “fantastic experience,” and she wants to help other students get that same experience.

Milostan said his experience helped him grow up and guided him to where he wanted to be in life, and he wants students around campus to be aware that this opportunity could have a huge impact on their life.

According to Milostan, K-State study abroad is constantly busy working on new presentations, finding new statistics and making creative social media to promote the opportunity. Milostan said every employee is passionate about their jobs and are willing to help every student who enters through their doors.

“We are all very open people willing to teach others,” Hein said. “You don’t have to be dead set on studying abroad when you come in. Just come visit us.”