On The Spot Improv Club partners with Relay For Life

Jordan Strickler, junior in biochemistry, and other “spotties” recreate an audience member's day during their performance. On The Spot Improv will raise funds for Relay for Life on March 1, 2016, in Forum Hall. (Mason Swenson | The Collegian)

On The Spot Improv, K-State’s improv group, will put on its weekly show today at 8 p.m at Forum Hall in the K-State Student Union. While On The Spot shows are free of charge, this time the group suggests a donation of $3 or more to Relay For Life for attendees.

Bridgette Beasley, club member and sophomore in microbiology, said that although the shows are usually free, suggesting a donation to attend this show presents audience members with a special opportunity to help support a good cause.

“Our shows are always free, but this one is a little extra special,” Beasley said. “It’s so cool to kind of take what we do every single week and something that we just do for fun, and actually do it for a cause.”

According to Maureen Barry, club president and senior in economics, On The Spot has performed at Manhattan’s Relay For Life events for the past three years, putting on improv shows at around midnight or 1 a.m. each time to encourage Relay For Life walkers.

“Typically at that point, the walkers are a little tired, so we come in and do a little improv, try to jazz them up, keep them excited to keep going throughout the night,” Barry said.

The club already has a performance scheduled for the weekend of April 1-2, the same weekend as the Relay For Life event, which is why the group plans to dedicate tonight’s regular performance to Relay For Life, Barry said.

On The Spot has held philanthropy events with other organizations, such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but Relay For Life is an organization the group collaborates with each year, Barry said.

“We have had an annual philanthropy for Relay For Life because we’ve just had such a great experience working with them, and it’s a great cause,” Barry said.

Kennedy Burton, K-State’s Relay For Life fundraising co-chair and senior in life sciences, said joining forces with campus groups like On The Spot is a way to more closely link K-State students with the American Cancer Society’s cause.

“Any other type of organization that can really take the time to participate in a different organization’s philanthropy or event is really great because you’re getting a broader spectrum of people, and you’re reaching the K-State campus in a wider range,” Burton said.

According to Beasley, cancer awareness is a cause that is likely to mean something to a majority of K-State students, faculty, staff and Manhattan community members.

“I think something like cancer research and awareness just strikes home for a lot of people,” Beasley said. “I know that it’s impacted my life, and I’m sure that there are going to be a lot of people in the audience who have been affected by cancer.”

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