News briefs


Fort Riley hosts homecoming for deployed soldiers

Fort Riley welcomed home more than 100 1st Infantry Division soldiers early this morning, according to the Little Apple Post.

These soldiers, deployed for nine months in Kuwait, were responsible for planning, oversight and resources for troops in 13 locations spread over five countries.

City Commission hears preliminary FPD2016 statistics

Officials from the Riley County Police Department and EMS Services met with the Riley County Commission this morning to share preliminary Fake Patty’s Day reports from last Saturday.

Capt. Josh Kyle of the Riley County Police Department and Larry Couchman, Director of EMS Services, noted that though RCPD is still receiving statistics, this year’s Fake Patty’s Day was as busy or busier than last year for emergency responses, according to the Little Apple Post.

Kyle listed several law enforcement responses, including two separate reports of gunshots, criminal trespassing at NBAF, people passed out in lawns and a sexual assault investigation.

Couchman shared that there were 48 EMS-related calls throughout Saturday, according to the Little Apple Post. Notable responses included a critical head injury and an amputated finger tip, the gunshot wound and a number of injuries connected to fights or falls.

U.S. District Court to sentence 80-year-old pot dealer

An 80-year-old man, who ran a multi-state marijuana-dealing operation, faces sentencing in U.S. District Court this week.

According to KMAN, it was a 2013 stop for speeding in Junction City that led authorities to Marshall Dion and his operations in Massachusetts and Arizona, where they found nearly 400 pounds of marijuana, about $15 million in cash and detailed records of over two decades of drug deals.

A federal judge postponed Dion’s scheduled sentencing last month, according to KMAN. She requested that both prosecutors and Dion’s lawyers explain why the plea agreement was for up to seven years in prison when federal guidelines call for 30 years.

The sentencing is scheduled for Thursday in U.S. District Court.