Street Talk: Spring break


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I went to visit some of my best friends in Staten Island, New York, who I met when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, this past summer. It was so good to catch up with them.

Millie Copper, junior in marketing

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I went on a cruise and got to hang out on the beach with my friends. I snorkeled with sharks and tropical fish and lost a lot of money gambling. I also ate a ton of food and hung out with upcoming DJ TicTac.

Tucker Styrkowicz, senior in industrial engineering

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I road-tripped with a bunch of my friends to Las Vegas and Southern California. We got to explore 10 different states, and I got to see my older sister.

Onyeka Ehie, senior in accounting and finance

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I went to Pensacola, Florida, with my girlfriend. We enjoyed relaxing on the beach and eating a lot of seafood dinners.

Mitch Mize, senior in management

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I went to Colorado with my family and my boyfriend. It was perfect because my best friend and her boyfriend coincidentally stayed in the same resort and we went skiing everyday. /quote]

Dayna Richards, sophomore in animal sciences and industry/right]