UPC crowns Last Comic Standing

Winner of the K-State Last Comic Standing competition Jeremy Ricci holds his $100 prize on March 25, 2016. The event was sponsored by Union Programming Council's After Hours. (Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Ricci)

A comedic competition full of puns occurred Friday among five K-State students as they competed to be the Last Comic Standing.

Competitors included Aaron Messerla, senior in math and music, Ahmad Alnajjar, senior in political science, Jeremy Ricci, junior in software engineering, Maggie Stanton, junior in mass communications and Collegian contributor, and Maureen Barry, senior in economics and statistics.

The contestants’ experience level as a comedian ranged from four months to more than three years.

“I’m very new,” Stanton said. “This was actually my first big comedy show.”

She said her advice for those wanting to perform in a comedy show was to remember that everyone there is wanting to have a good time and to not take it too seriously.

“I do stand-up maybe once, twice a year max, so I don’t have a ton of experience,” Barry said. “It’s not something that I put a lot of effort into. It’s just kind of forgotten on the side.”

Although some performers may choose not to talk about certain topics when performing their jokes, Ricci said that was not the case for him.

“Nothing really at all is off limits,” Ricci said. “Everything should be a joke. You got to take it light.”

Ricci said his advice for those who wish to perform comedy is to “write about all of your problems and then explore that. Just write a lot of stuff that you don’t like in life and then explore that and make it funny.”

Connor Seitz, junior in milling science and management, said he was most entertained by Ricci because of his edgy humor.

“I like the edge because I don’t like the middle,” Seitz said. “You know, I kind of like the reaction.”

Messerla said he finds inspiration for his jokes by simply writing them down when they come to mind.

Alnajjar said he prepares for an event like this by knowing his jokes by heart. He said it is very important to know them well enough that he can perform them in his sleep.

The hosts, Bridgette Beasley, junior in biology, and Michael Lee, senior in animal sciences and industry, along with the group On the Spot Improv, entertained the audience between acts and while the judges deliberated.

The judges chose one runner-up and one first place winner. Barry was announced as the runner-up and winner of $50. Ricci won first place, $100 and was labeled the Last Comic Standing.

Basil El-Shaarawi, junior in biology, said the event was a hit.

“It was very funny,” El-Shaarwi said. “I was with all my friends and everybody was having a good time.”