Students scavenge campus for Easter eggs, win prizes

Shaiana Tyler, freshman in theatre and Katherine Boulanger, junior in theatre, search for Easter eggs outside of Hale Library during the campus-wide Easter Egg Hunt on Mar. 29, 2016. (Regan Semien | The Collegian)

Students scrambled in search of around 1,000 Easter eggs that were hidden by Union Program Council members and volunteers all over campus Tuesday.

It was the third annual Easter egg hunt, Molly Young, co-chair of the UPC Community Committee and junior in marketing, said.

“Our UPC members helped us out by stuffing the eggs,” Hannah Vu, UPC Community Committee co-chair and junior in mass communications, said.

UPC co-chairs, committee members and volunteers hid the eggs starting at 6:50 a.m. Tuesday morning, which took them around an hour, Young said.

“Every year there seems to be groups of people that wake up early to go find eggs,” Vu said.

Students who found eggs that had a ticket in them got their names put in a drawing Tuesday evening at the UPC All Meeting. Their names were selected at random, and they got to choose the prize they wanted. The prizes consisted of candy, bowling coupons, a hammock, a Fitbit and more.

Erin Kimberling, senior in dietetics, said she woke up at 6:45 a.m. for this event with two of her friends, Alison Martin, senior in family studies, and Holly Heironimus, senior in psychology. This was their first time participating in the campus egg hunt, Kimberling said.

“We got up really early, ready to run,” Martin said. “We all put our running clothes on this morning and literally sprinted to campus for the eggs. We ran for the prize. I got 13 things of free bowling, so we’re taking the whole neighborhood.”

Participating in the campus Easter egg hunt allowed students to revisit childhood memories and have fun, Heironimus said.

“We had a lot of zeal this year to go and find a lot of eggs,” Heironimus said. “I’m a senior in college and I still feel like a 12 year old. It’s just kind of manifesting the child within you. Just go on an Easter egg hunt and you can just ignore your responsibilities.”

Egg hunt organizers did not have a completely accurate way to keep count of all the eggs, but they believe all of them were found, Young said.

Any other eggs containing a prize ticket found throughout the week are no longer valid because all prizes were given out Tuesday evening, according to Young.