Street Talk: Unpaid internships



I’d have to say that if you’re willing to do it, it definitely shows your dedication to the craft or whatever it is that you’re learning. So if you’re willing to do it unpaid, I would say I think that’s very great. It just shows that you’re not in it for the money and actually love what you want to do in the future.

Delante Madden, sophomore in psychology


I think that even if it’s unpaid, it’s bound to be worth it in the end and will ultimately end up paying you back even if it’s like years down the road. I think it’s definitely worth the time and it may be hard to give up a job initially, but definitely worth it.

Ellie Wiltfong, sophomore in biology


I think it’s a great opportunity to earn work experience even if you’re not being paid.

Pablo Dominguez, senior in industrial engineering


I think it’s just like schooling. I mean we don’t get paid to come here. You go there for the experience. You don’t go there to get paid. If you get paid it’s just like a bonus.

Grace Mader, freshman in landscape architecture


Generally I’m against unpaid internships. I think it’s good for experience, but you should be getting something. You should be getting minimum wage at least.

Dylan Swoyer, senior in civil engineering

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