Photos: Poverty Quiz


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5 out of 9; I was surprised by the number (of people in poverty), I guess it’s not something I normally think about.

Alex Kim, junior in mechanical engineering

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6 out of 9; I feel that the gap between the rich and the poor will only get larger if nothing gets done about poverty.

Gabby Doebele, freshman in journalism/PR

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7 out of 9; I personally know the feeling of living under the poverty line and it doesn’t surprise me that so many others in Kansas are as well.

Dominique Adams, senior in kinesiology

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5 out of 9; after taking Lead 212, I knew some of the information but the numbers (percentage of those in poverty) are still surprising.

Kenedi Kelley, freshman in psychology

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4 out of 9; the numbers (percent of people under the poverty line) aren’t as bad as I thought, but there could always be more done to help out.

Raymond Grosdidier, freshman in computer science