From the president’s desk


Dear K-State Family,

What an incredible month it has been at our university. As we transition into office, we are beginning to set the foundation for our plan for K-State for the year. When we set out for office, we did so with three themes in mind. These themes would be areas in which we concentrated our work and areas in which we felt that campus could see the most growth.

Our themes are mental wellness, diversity and political advocacy. When we look at student success, we see mental wellness as an integral part of students’ K-State experience. We plan to work with Counseling Services to create a peer education outreach program, and we aim to move mental wellness to the top of the priority list among our K-State community. We recognize the need for a destigmatization of mental health.

Our next theme of diversity is critical to our university climate and success. When students on our campus think of the word “family,” what comes to mind? For many, that is something that anchors them at K-State and what sets our school apart from any other university in the country.

However, we know that for too many students, that “K-State Family” isn’t a concept they feel like applies to them. We look forward to partnering with a variety of diverse student organizations and offices across the academy to strengthen partnerships, build relationships and create an environment which recognizes and values diversity. We want K-State to be a model campus for the inclusion of all people.

It is no secret today that our lives are affected by political decisions. Ask yourself: Do I know how to vote? Am I registered to vote? What issues are important to me? We want to create a culture at K-State that is cognizant of civic engagement and participation and one that encourages political inquiry and doesn’t chastise it.

As college students, we are affected in many ways by the decisions our leaders make. To vote in elections and to engage politically is to have a say in those decisions and therefore the future of our community, state, country and world. As an institution dedicated to the betterment of society through free thinking, scholarly activity and inquiry, it is imperative that we create leaders who understand their role in the democratic process.

We realize that we have lofty goals and that we have our work cut out for us. However, we are ready and excited for the challenge of reaching our goals for the success of students. As your student leadership during a time of important transition, we look forward to advocating for student interests as the process of selecting a new president of Kansas State moves forward.

We feel that it is important to stay true to our inclusive and welcoming land grant mission, and we are dedicated to working together to achieve results and positively impact both the student body and the university at large. We work on your behalf, for your best interest, and we could not be more excited to devote a year to advancing students’ interests. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Our first priority is that of our peers, and we want to hear from you so we can work in your best interest.

Go Cats,

Jessica Van Ranken, student body president

Trenton Kennedy, student body vice president