Street Talk: Interim President



He’s a great man, excellent leader. I didn’t know he was interim president.

Robert Sholl, freshman in food science and industry


I just started at K-State, the most I know about Richard B. Myers is that there is a building named after him.

Samantha Zeller, junior in social work


It’s a good decision. He’s going to be interim so it will interesting to see who the actual president will be. Hopefully they’ll offer him the position as the president eventually.

Emmanuel Herrera, senior in marketing


I’m looking forward to it, but change is scary for everyone. I’m excited to see what new ideas he has for growth in the school.

Victoria Byrd, senior in secondary education


Given his leadership experience as joint chiefs of staff and chair for the visionary foundation, he’s a good fit for the position.

Zachary Keller, senior in finance

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