News briefs


Manhattan Area Technical College receives grant from Regents

The Kansas Board of Regents recently awarded funds to Manhattan Area Technical College from the Perkins Reserve Fund Grant.

The funds, which amount to $51,936, will be put toward implementing updates in the college’s simulation training, according to the Little Apple Post. This includes the purchase of a SimMan Essential (a human patient simulator) and upgrades to the Nursing Department’s simulation area.

Manhattan Area Technical College’s current human patient simulator is about 10 years old, according to the Little Apple Post, and manufacturer support has been “retired.” The new SimMan Essential will be incorporated into the college’s pilot program that teaches basic skills to Certified Nursing Assistant students.

According to the Little Apple Post, the updated simulation area will allow Manhattan Area Technical College faculty to observe their students’ performances during controlled situations with the SimMan.

Rep. Carlin to run for eighth consecutive term

Rep. Sydney Carlin announced that she will be running for her eighth consecutive term in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Carlin, a Democrat of Manhattan, publicized her campaign on KMAN’s “In Focus” segment last Friday. According to KMAN, Carlin already has a strategy for what she wants to accomplish with her constituents.

“Continue to build a coalition of moderate representatives that care about this state and its future,” Carlin said to KMAN. “There are a group of us that get things done occasionally. We’ve stopped some really bad legislation… We do have a coalition that’s strong enough to protect the public from some things.”

Carlin can begin her campaign as soon as the legislature adjourns for the summer, but, according to KMAN, Carlin said that may be delayed due to an education bill that she expects the Supreme Court to strike down.