Street Talk: New Politics


04.28.16.StreetTalk.Harley-Paige (1).jpg

I’ve seen the band before, so I’m really excited to see them perform again and see how they’ve progressed as a band.

Harley-Paige Leatherman, freshman in biochemistry

04.28.16.StreetTalk.Josh Hunt (1).jpg

I literally have no idea what genre they are, but it’s a free concert and they seem really cool, so I’m excited.

Josh Hunt, senior in psychology

04.28.16.StreetTalk.Kyeeton Soukup.jpg

I remember listening to them on the radio awhile back and even bought some of their songs, so I’m really pumped for New Politics. I’m psyched.

Kyeeton Soukup, freshman in open option

04.28.16.StreetTalk.Erik Burling.jpg

I love New Politics. I came out here for them, and I’m so excited for a free concert.

Erik Burling, junior in electrical engineering/right]

04.28.16.StreetTalk.Mya Masterson.jpg

I’m excited to see them. I’ve heard of them, but never listened to them, so I’m excited about the new experience.

Mya Masterson, freshman in biology/right]