Street Talk: Post-graduation plans

What are your plans after graduating?


I really want to go to a graduate law school somewhere.

Nechelle Williams, freshman in economics

05.03.16.Petra Poslednikova.EL.jpg

I want to travel and explore the world before I settle down.

Petra Poslednikova, senior in finance


My plans are to help the environment because I’ve always wanted to. I want to work on the wind farms.

Cheyanne Daniels, sophomore in biological systems engineering


My ultimate goal is to go to Columbia for graduate school, but it’s expensive. I would love anywhere in Texas because there’s a lot there for what I want to do.

Austin Greever, freshman in psychology


Army. I want the leadership, pride and purpose that comes from serving my country.

Jack Curtis, sophomore in political science


I’m planning to have an important career in my field where I can help kids less fortunate.

Emily Purifoy, senior in family studies and human services


To work and travel. I’m learning German, so to be able to work in Germany is the goal.

Andres Mendez, senior in economics


Good question. I want to work with kids, like at a pre-school.

Kayla Ohlde, junior in family studies and human services


I want to move to Houston to build houses for a construction company and maybe travel to a different country all the time.

Cane Peters, senior in construction science and management


Going onto grad school, but I’m still deciding for what field of psychology, so I’m honestly not sure yet.

Samantha Aleman, junior in psychology


After I graduate, I am going home to farm on my family’s farm.

Peter Masters, senior in biological systems engineering


Work for a progressive commodities or ag lending business.

Grace Hammer, junior in agribusiness


I am potentially going to be going to grad school or law school.

Carlos Flores, junior in agricultural economics


I am not sure. I know I am going to move out of Manhattan.

Deja Taylor, sophomore in open option


I am attending mortuary school to become a funeral director.

Abigail Dillon, junior in social sciences