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June 20, 2016

Happy summer, Wildcats!

In the past few weeks we have been busy transitioning into our summer internships, which both happen to be in Manhattan, catching up on some sleep and enjoying another productive summer! Our duties as student body president and vice president are far from taking a break. We are working diligently to get a lot accomplished, including working to make progress on combating sexual violence on our campus as it relates to policy matters and educational programs for students, preparing for both of our roles as committee chairs during the academic year and communicating with cabinet members to discuss plans for the upcoming semester.

This summer also includes Kansas Board of Regents meetings in which Jessica, and all the other student body presidents, plan to attend. This committee of student body presidents, or the Students’ Advisory Committee convene at these regent meetings, as well as conference calls, to discuss future plans to come together for the greater good of higher education in Kansas. At the June meeting, the tuition proposals from each university were approved, and K-State, like all the other universities, will see a rise in tuition. K-State’s tuition increase will be 5.8 percent. This increased burden on students to fund the university is the outcome of the state government’s budget cuts to higher education.

Additionally, we have the opportunity to speak to students every weekend at Orientation and Enrollment! We are grateful to have the opportunity to talk to future Wildcats. We focus on our specific K-State experiences and the opportunities that we have found in the Student Governing Association, while acknowledging the benefits of joining any of the incredible, and numerous, organizations that may fit a student’s personalities and interests. K-State is great in that aspect because it is home to hundreds of student organizations that are always welcoming new members.

Finally, we get to see, with our own eyes, the work on the K-State Student Union and the progress it is making to be completely renovated! It has been incredible to see different aspects of it change week by week, and it is really coming together.

We hope you are all enjoying your summer and we look forward to coming back in the fall for another awesome semester!

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