Opinion: Cursing is healthy for the soul


F*CK! Say it, F*CK! Do you feel better? Do you feel free? I know I do when I curse.

Cursing can make people feel less pain, make them feel stronger, serves as a coping mechanism, helps create bonds and makes it easier to express yourself, according to Ashley Fern’s Elite Daily article, “Science f*cking confirms it: 11 reasons cursing is good for the soul.”

Generally, cursing is not something that sounds good coming out, especially if it is not the right time or place. However, it has become part of society’s universal conversation.

Cursing can be traced back to the 16th century and was passed on from generation to generation, eventually becoming a part of our day-to-day life, according to Samantha Olsen’s Medical Daily article, “The brain science of cursing: How swear words work to inflict and relieve pain.”

“Profanity precedes a long history, each word with its own etymology found hundreds of years ago derived from different nationalities, cultures and regions, all molded into the exclusive club of expletives,” Olsen said.

You do want to be careful of when you curse because you do not want to be accused of unprotected speeches like slander or libel, according to the First Amendment Center’s frequently asked questions.

Swear words usually call people’s attention when first introduced to their vocabulary, but when they keep using it the word shifts from being a taboo to being normal, which decreases the real meaning behind the word, according to Harvard professor Steven Pinker’s best-seller, “The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature.”

“You can use a swear word like f*ck to basically ping the emotional centers of the brain and perk up a listener,” Pinker said. “But when it is overused, the word shifts from taboo to normal and doesn’t have the same effect. We’ve seen that happen in the 20th century.”

Words, people, relationship and language changes with time. We have to adapt to these changes, otherwise life is just going to pass right by us and forget that we are part of it.

In my opinion, cursing is healthy. It keeps you from bottling things up and allows you to say what you feel when you feel it. However, it is important to know when to use that language and when to be more serious.

My mom always told me a princess should never let bad words like that out of her mouth, which is why I will never be one. I want to be free to say whatever I feel like, especially when I hurt my pinky toe on the coffee table.