Campus Construction Update

Anderson Hall peeks through fences and road signs as construction continues on Mid-Campus Drive as well as other locations around campus on July 5, 2016. (Evert Nelson | The Collegian)

Vattier Street and a portion of parking lot A3 reopened Tuesday, according to the K-State Facilities Campus Projects page.

The page also stated that Mid-Campus Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic at the following locations:

  • North of Anderson Hall to Lovers Lane and from Old Claflin Road to Lovers Lane.
  • Butterfly Lane will be closed from Vattier to Lovers Lane.
  • Lovers Lane will also be closed.

These locations are currently scheduled to reopen sometime in October.

The accessible parking near Eisenhower and Holton Halls has been relocated to Parking lot A6, east of Hale Library and the circle drive at McCain Auditorium, according to the page. The driveway from Mid-Campus Drive to parking lot A6 is closed. Access to parking lot A6 will still be available via Petticoat Lane to Campus Creek.

The page also stated that Construction fencing has been installed around Seaton East and Seaton Court. The fencing will close sidewalk access north of Seaton, east toward 17th Street. Parking lot A25 is also closed. Pedestrians in the area need to detour through Bosco Plaza, or south of Leasure and Ward Halls.

A small portion of parking lot B1 is closed near the K-State Recycling Center, according to the page.